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Gilders Design has been providing custom painting services for almost 20 years. Over these years, a lot has changed in the custom paint business, from the painting materials, to the way the paint is applied and the talent of the artists that apply it. Most professional artists have stepped up their game and have been adding more and more detail into their designs. Although this adds to the look of the design, it usually comes with a cost, so if you have a budget in mind, just remember the amount of detail and types of specialty paints will greatly affect the final cost of the project.

Depending on your budget, designs can be fairly simple to extremely complex. Paint costs start around $300 and all prices are quoted prior to the start of work.

Gilders Design uses top quality water based paints and applies 4-5 coats of high gloss urethane clear on all projects. We also use fluorescents, pearls, kandys and metal flakes to ensure you get exactly the look you want.

Gilders Design ships worldwide and return shipping costs and applicable taxes will be included in final cost of the paint. All preliminary design work will require a $75 deposit unless project has already been delivered to us.

Payment can be made by cheque, money order, e-transfer, or credit card. Full payment is required prior to return shipping or project pick up.

Turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks, but there is higher volume during certain times of the year, so this may affect turnaround times. Detail and complexity of design may also add to the length of time to get a project back. If you have a deadline, let me know and I'll do my best to get it done for you.

If you're looking for quality, budget minded prices and high impact designs, Gilders Design is your answer.

You can call Derrick at 519-871-5074 or email.